Awareness in the company – it depends on the employees

The dangers posed by malware in the enterprise have once again increased considerably in 2021. Increasingly sophisticated methods of cybercriminals, often in a division of labor specialization, threaten companies and public authorities. It is also true for small and medium-sized enterprises that there are no longer any unimportant targets. The study by Bitkom Research provides less than encouraging data: More than 220 billion euros in damage was incurred by the German economy in the current study period, more than twice as much as in 2018/2019. Nine out of ten companies were affected, with varying levels of damage and progress in each case.

The human factor and its role

Successful attacks on companies increasingly start with social engineering techniques. Employees are being tricked into revealing passwords and access points using increasingly sophisticated methods, often without the people affected even noticing. Technical prevention measures have long since ceased to be sufficient.

Companies fight back

A key element in the prevention of cyber security incidents is the education and training of employees. Vigilant employees are a factor not only in the technical arena, but also in the office and industrial workplace.

Cyber defense is possible

The cost of preventive measures is far less than repairing the damage that follows cyber attacks. Especially in IT-related areas, each department should have at least one, preferably more, trained employee available as a point of contact for employees. Short distances can prevent damage.

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